“How to attract more women to wargaming?”

It’s pretty simple really – don’t attract women, attract people regardless of their gender, colour, age or origins. Just follow standard root, to pinpoint what kind of startup game would be the best fit for them, teach them rules and extend patience while you play your first few games.

The clue is that the person needs to give you at least a bit of inkling that they may be possibly interested in war/boardgaming. For some people playing is something kids do, and in their eyes, it’s a waste of time. Well, their loss! People have different things that make them tick, and that’s ok. Stop convincing people, start to attract them, give them opportunities to try new things and make them feel welcome but don’t take it personally if they don’t find your invitation interesting.

You won’t be probably surprised if I will tell you that lots of wargamers come to the hobby from another branch of gaming – Ameritrash, RPG, video gaming – you name it. That’s no different for women by the way. So maybe let us stop this constant comparison of which is and isn’t a wargame. Raising something (or someone) up by bringing something down is always, in the end, damaging to both parties. And it’s a fast way to create an unwelcome atmosphere for any gamer-outsider.

Some may argue that it’s harder to attract women than men to wargaming. Why is that? We are social creatures, and we fit best into groups which are like-minded, came from the same background or just simply look similar to us. In groups where we are diametrally different, we don’t feel comfortable. So to attract more women, we need more women. Bear with me here. As strange as it sounds, it makes sense.

Respect those women who are already in the hobby, so they will feel welcome in your gaming group. Treat a female opponent the same way you would treat a male one – don’t flirt with us while playing, don’t be of awe that we made an excellent tactical move and under any circumstances don’t blame your bad gaming choices or defeat on our distracting good looks (sore loser!)!

Support female influencers in the industry. Well, you are already here, so you have that at least partially covered. I would like to take that opportunity and introduce you to some of my most favourite online female voices who add significant value to wargaming. If you don’t know them already check their sites:


Geek Gamers

is an editor by day and reviewer of obscure games by night. You may know her from YouTube channel Geek Gamers and captivated articles she wrote for Yaah! Magazine.

Gesine Stanienda

is the creator of Chits and Cats YouTube channel where she talks about and explains rules of various wargames and boardgames. And she knows her stuff – she is a Product Expert (in Process Orchestration and Process Automation) after al

Katie Aidley

is a rising star in reviewers world who writes Katie’s Game Corner blog. She invites light-gamers to accompany her on the journey to Village Gr

As self-serving as it may sound, the more we will be visible, the more variety of genders, colours, backgrounds will be in our community the more welcoming it will become to others (women included).